Connecting technology to art and people to joy.

Who am I?

Jonathan Wendt is an artist based out of New York City. Jonathan spends his time coding art for his robot to make, learning new skills, playing ukulele, and snuggling his dog. In addition to creating abstract and geometric art, Jonathan also takes on commissions, connecting people with artistic representations of their loved ones and pets.

Why should I buy art?

Art is what proves our humanity, cultivates empathy, and makes us better people.
  • Art makes wonderful presents.
  • Art enhances your environment, which in turn enriches your life.
  • Owning and displaying artwork can be a great way of expressing your sensibilities, showcasing your interests, or even proclaiming your love!

Why should I commission your art?

Using a robot to aid in the final pen-to-paper process, I have a unique workflow that combines very nerdy, digital, technical, and generative processes with that of the analog to bring you all the best aspects of the digital and fine art worlds! My current turnaround for commissions is less than two weeks.

When you commission a piece of art from me, you get:
Specialty inks and papers!
[This one used Noodler's Akhmatova ink, it's a lovely grey-green that was created in tribute to the Russian feminist poet!]
Extreme fine details! Precision nibs of technical pens that I use go down to 0.10mm.
Creative and unique techniques!
And you are personally supporting a real human artist pursue their dream!
[A dream that still includes paying their NYC rent.]