By Patrons of the Art Teacher for Robots.
"I’ve been following Jon’s art for years now and am constantly blown away by the pieces he creates. I’ve bought his featured pieces before and have always been impressed at the quality of the plots. However, when I recently received a gift of a custom commissioned piece of my bun, I lost my absolute god damn mind. IT WAS SO FREAKIN PERFECT. Amazingly high quality, intricately detailed and so god damn unique, I think the only person who loved it more than me was my girlfriend and rabbit co-parent. We will always treasure this piece and will absolutely be commissioning custom art from Jon in the future, and will be filling our home out his pieces for years to come."
-Tyler M.
"Whether you’re looking for a statement piece, a commissioned gift for a friend, or just a piece of art that touches your soul you will find it here. The passion that Jon has for his art is tangible in every color, every line, and every theme. There’s art, and then there’s art that means something, and Jon’s falls in the latter category. I am the proud owner of five beautiful plots, two of them priceless and personal gifts based off of photographs of my pets. For that reason, you can trust me when I tell you that this artwork is well crafted, high quality, and well worth every single penny."
-Victoria M.
"Quality Art guaranteed to make you smile. Jon delivers the perfect gift for any occasion. We got ours within 2 weeks and it exceeded expectations."
-Grant S.