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Fuck the Court

$ 50.00 USD
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Pen travel distance:
413.4843 feet
Noodler's Heart of Darkness white bristol paper.
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Please input your seed number during order checkout!
Please input your seed number during order checkout!
*This plot was made with archival inks and paper. However, it is best to keep them out of direct sunlight, or behind UV-filtering glass.
*Due to the physical nature of how these plots are created, small variations may occur. This means every plot is completely original, and may not match the picture exactly.
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Your very own art!

$50.00 USD Deposit
After checkout, please send an email to with your order confirmation number and the image or images you would like me to work on. From there we will come up with the perfect plot for you!
With access to a very specialized, oversized pen plotting robot, I can now make custom art for you all the way up to A1 in size! That's like POSTER big! Prices start at $190 for an 8.5" x 11" portrait, and go up according to the complexity, number of colours, time to design, and time to plot I will need to invest to make the perfect piece for you.
Plots remain
Noodler's Heart of Darkness white bristol paper.

About the plot:

About the plot:

About the plot:

6/25/22. Fuck this court. Making one of these takes 6 hours. I'll make and number as many as people want. This is the cheapest non-$5 thing I've ever put on my site. A portion of every sale will go towards NYAAF (New York Abortion Access Fund), which is a collectively-run and women-of-color-led body and is the only abortion fund in the state of New York. They support anyone who is unable to pay fully for the cost of their abortion, and is living in or traveling to New York State, by providing financial assistance and connections to other resources. If you don't care about the art, please consider donating directly. Their website is . And once again, fuck these people, fuck this court, fuck these spineless corrupt cowards, fuck this government, and fuck every single person who thinks they should have any right whatsoever to say what someone else can do with their own god damn body. Reproductive rights are human rights.

Edition : #1
Seed: #20808
Pens used: 0.5mm, 0.3mm, and 0.2mm rOtring isographs
Inks used: Noodler's Apache Sunset, Akhmatova Green, and Heart of Darkness
Total movement distance: 2059.7113 ft
Time to plot: 7hr, 15min
Number of blades: 209
Number of segments per blade: 344
Sun Size: 8.2804 inches
Start Shape Size: 0.2298 inches
Longest blade: 7.7403 inches
Biggest Sway: 2.8533 inches
Blade Mode: cubic_out, (29.12% likely)
Sway Mode: linear, (50.0% likely)
Wind Roll: 33.3415, (95.0% likely)
Blade Construction: (96.0% likely)
Portrait Roll: 85.9008, (99.0% likely)
The Statistical Unlikelihood of this plot: 13.14593280%